• 31Dec
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    Let’s have some lists. Everybody loves lists!

    Awesome news from LL:

    • 3. Sculpty prims. Everyone celebrates with new fruit, genitals, and fruit-shaped genitals.
    • 2. Open sourcing of the client. 2007 starts off with a bang. Nicholaz consistently kicks ass throughout the year.
    • 1. Windlight Firstlook. Ooh, so smexy. *licks*

    Lame news from LL:

    • 3. Exit Cory Linden, stage left. Second Life’s already-shakey backend tech hangs in the balance.
    • 2. Gamblers and ageplayers begone! Linden Lab clamps down on sinners, but hides true motives (which are probably more about business than morality). Residents asked to spy on and report their neighbors.
    • 1. Age-verification and new login system. Your RL personal information and SL login details put at risk by ill-conceived, shoddily-implemented systems. Linden Lab shrugs and says, “Quit worrying so much.”

    Personal events of note:

    • 4. 2007 is the year of the chibi! (I made a handful in 2006, but their popularity rose dramatically this year.)
    • 3. Sold out adorable cartoon character, opened my own SL store. My days as shrewd business mogul start. (Yeah, right.)
    • 2. Submitted a dozen patches to the viewer client, most of them UI-related.
    • 1. Drifted away from some old friends, bumped into some new ones.
  • 30Dec
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    Apparently when it comes to the new SL login system, hecurity comes first!

    (Screenshot is Alex LaPointe’s)

  • 29Dec

    Step 1. Issue a security notice on the blog, with a fixed installer. An example is provided below:

    Dear German Second Life Users,

    There is a security issues in the German language login screen which could result in your precious login name and password being sent to a third party, namely the operators of the sdfsfsfds.com domain name.

    And no, we didn’t catch this until Massively.com reported on it. Yes, that means it’s been out there for over a week now.

    Yeah, we screwed up bad with this one. The programmer responsible for this gaff, and the entire QA department, have been hit on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper and will receive no Scooby snacks this week.

    If you use the German language user interface in Second Life, please download the fixed version [insert link to new installers here].

    Non-German language users are not affected, and may continue using Second Life without worry of any bugs or security problems as normal.

    How not to handle it: pull the Release Candidate and Windlight Firstlook versions, stop logins from those versions, and make everyone cry. Now we know you goofed the German login and panicked when someone found out.

    By the way, SL users, if you have a version of the previous Windlight ( lying around, you can log in with that instead. At least as of this writing.

  • 24Dec

    ‘Twas Cephalopodmas Eve, and all though the dark hall,
    No creature dared stir, or even move much at all.
    The children were in their beds, sleeping all through the night,
    While their much wiser parents could but shiver with fright.

    Only Cuddlefish and I were awake at that hour,
    With no sanity left for the dark beast to devour.
    We hung tori on the tree, having nothing to fear,
    Just hoping that Cthulhu would come visit this year.

    Then we knew our unholiday cheer was not lacking,
    When from up on the roof came a shrill muffled clacking!
    We could sense his arrival then, quite unresisted;
    Our minds filled with his scent, evil, bitter and twisted;

    Our first sight was a tentacle, dark, writhing and curled;
    A terrifying tendril that could grasp all the world.
    My gaze leapt from that limb to his visage, slick and foul,
    When from his horrible mouth came a mind-piercing howl!

    I stood there quite resolutely and showed him no dread,
    While his invisible mind-tendrils groped at my head;

    Of the things that came next, I have but little to speak;
    I quite nearly burst open with an ecstatic shriek.
    And just as I fainted with a soft whimper and sigh,
    I heard him exclaim with a gurgled alien cry:

    Ia! Ia! Ia! Mlq’weh Cephalopodmas gwgr fa,
    Ng mlq’weh utr’fn wo thir cthan wo tala!

    Ia! Ia! Ia! Mlq

    Cephalopodmas gwgr fa, everybody!

    Download wallpaper:

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  • 24Dec
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    Sailing around on a dangerously foggy night. It’s no surprise that SL crashed on the rocks, and my boat sunk into the inky abyss. Maybe the flotsam will be returned to my Lost & Found some day.

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  • 23Dec


    Tinkering with Windlight settings at 4AM. Check out the rest of the set, too!

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  • 20Dec

    One day, a powerful warlord received a message containing a death threat. In response, he hired a dozen bodyguards to protect him from assassins.

    Later, one of the warlord’s scouts came rushing into his hall, and relayed reports of an unstoppable master ninja who could assassinate anyone, no matter how well-guarded his target was. Upon hearing this news, the warlord threw up his hands, crying, “If this unstoppable ninja can kill me no matter how well-guarded I am, then these bodyguards do nothing!”, and promptly dismissed them from his service.

    The next day, as the warlord meditated alone in his garden, a stumbling drunken peasant smashed a heavy bottle over the warlord’s head, killing him.

  • 19Dec
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    In Part 1, I talked about the different states a JIRA issue can have, as well as the different resolutions and what they mean. Today, I’ll walk you through the life of an issue, from the time it’s opened to the time it’s fixed and released. I’ll also talk about some of the challenges the JIRA process faces as it turns from an inward-facing tool to be used by trained software developers, to an outward-facing tool to be used by the general public.

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  • 17Dec

    Update: Check out my animation exporter download and tutorial.

    Back in May of this year, I posted about my work on a script to export animations from Blender to SL-compatible BVH files. Well, as you can see from the comparison screenshot below (click to enlarge), I’ve made a lot of progress since then.

    Comparing the animation played in SL (left) with the animation as it appears in Blender (right)

    (Mind you there’s some difference between the camera angle in the two shots, and possibly some slight mis-rotation of the hands from SL’s rather zealous animation ‘optimizing’ algorithm.)

    Some difficulties I’ve encountered:

    • As mentioned in my earlier post, the axes of rotation for the bones in the SL skeleton differ from the Blender skeleton. That is, in the Blender skeleton, the Y axis always points along the length of the bone. In the SL skeleton, it varies between bones.
    • Furthermore, the order of rotation for the Euler angles varies from bone to bone in the SL skeleton. I have had to employ code to convert from one order to another to correct for this. It seems to have done the trick.
    • SL has a bug which duplicates the first frame of an animation. (VWR-3783)
    • Using IK on the Blender skeleton, especially in the legs, tends to cause jittering in the SL skeleton — that is, wobbly knees and ankles. My best guess at the moment as to the cause of this is SL’s insistence on converting all joint angles to integer degrees. Subtlety, be banished!
    • Certain rotations result in a significant difference in the appearance of the animation. I’m pinning the blame for this one on Gimbal Lock. That’s right, I’m looking at you, Mr. Lock.

    Nevertheless, my animation exporter script is a very significant step up from Qavimator: smooth blending between keyframes (controlled by my most-beloved B├ęzier curves); custom rigs for different types of animations; inverse kinematics to provide that extra stick in the feet; layering and blending single actions to create longer animations; and all the rest.

    And as it happens, I’m currently in a trial period as animator for one ChronoForge 4D, a manufacturer and purveyor of sharp, pointy things with which to poke and jab at other similarly-minded avatars. So next time you stab someone through the heart and then kick their body to the ground (in SL), you might say a little thanks to the kindly, peace-loving artist who made it all possible.

  • 15Dec

    If you used the SL Public JIRA (highly recommended for all Resis, it’s neat!) then you might be familiar with the various states an issue can have. But you might not really know what those states mean.

    What’s the difference between “Resolved” and “Closed”? When is something “Fixed”, and why do some issues seem to get stuck in “Fixed Internally” for a long time?

    Read on to find out!

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