• 06Dec

    There are specific things that I want to accomplish which drive me to poke my nose in SL’s XML User Interface (XUI) definitions.

    Here are the ones I have already accomplished:

    1. Customize some menu shortcuts.
    2. Rename “Hole Size” to “Thickness”.
    3. Decripple Transparency.

    Here are the things I want to accomplish, but are probably impossible through XUI-editing alone:

    1. Define keyboard shortcuts to toggle “Edit Linked Parts” and “Stretch Both Sides”.
    2. Move the color and texture eyedroppers/pipettes from the Color/Texture Selection windows to the Toolbox’s Texture panel, next to the swatches.
    3. Decripple the prim attributes.
    4. In particular, be able to edit the Profile Cut attribute for Box, Cylinder, and Prism.

    I have already tried #2, performing a simple copyandpastectomy of the pipette button from the Color Selection window to the Texture panel, but the button was nonfunctional/disabled. I suspect that the Toolbox window does not have the proper function(s), or is not programmed to listen for clicks to that button. Likewise for #1: the button tag may not respond to shortcut attributes as the menu items did.

    #3 and the more specific #4 appear to be impossible because the functionality involved in limiting, adjusting, and hiding various attributes based on prim type is programmed into the SL viewer, and is not part of the XML. To be able to coax the Profile Cut attribute to appear for Boxes, I would probably need access to SL’s source code; of course, I do not have access to the source code, so this seems to be out of my hands.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 6:37 pm

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