• 28Sep

    A cartoon penguin hugging a brick of tofu imprinted with the Second Life logo.
    Yes, every Linux-using Resident of Second Life is now brimming over with love and affection for Tofu Linden, the Linux client developer for Linden Lab!

    Today marks the first time the Linux client has had any sort of file upload/download capacity! Right now it’s pretty rough around the edges, as there is still no file browser/picker, but it works! (Just rename the image to upload.tga and place it in your SecondLife/your_name/ folder, then use the upload menu item.) Tofu tells us that the file picker is in the works, which is also very nifty!

    Since the last I posted about the Linux client, much progress has taken place, apparently due to the efforts of our hero, Tofu Linden! Audio playback was added August 29, including support for parcel audio streams, and Copy & Paste was added September 13—the Linux client is fast approaching the full feature set that the Windows and Mac users currently enjoy (plus, of course, the added “feature” of being able to log in to SL in Linux!).

    I have found my own way to express my appreciation to Tofu: I created the adorable image above, featuring a penguin lovingly embracing a brick of tofu! (The image was created in Inkscape, by the way—a great piece of software if ever there was one!)

    Action shot of the T-shirt.I then successfully uploaded the image, and a T-shirt featuring the image, to Second Life! Then I took a snapshot of me wearing the shirt (and standing in front of a waving flexi flag with the texture on it) and saved the snapshot to disk—you can see the proof here!

    Since everybody should be able to show their love for Tofu Linden, I am giving out the shirt and textures* at my home/studio/gallery in Hallasan! (While you are there, say hi to Primmy!)

    * A small word of caution, though: my gallery is in a Mature sim, and I have a few artistic nudes. You probably won’t even see them if you go straight to those coordinates and don’t poke around, but I thought I’d give you fair warning, in case you are logging in to SL while at work. In the Vatican. Where you share an office with his Holiness the Pope.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 11:07 pm

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  • Akela Talamasca Says:

    Don’t worry about His Holiness; he’ll be in the woods… wait, no, that’s a bear… I always get those jokes mixed up.