• 19Aug

    There is an alpha (testing) version of the Second Life Client on Linux. And I appreciate it. I wouldn’t be a part of Second Life if it had not been available. It has let me participate in a thriving community, build beautiful objects, and write useful scripts.

    But it’s missing some important features which put a damper on my creative ability.

    • Image, sound, and animation uploads from file.
    • Texture downloads.
    • Snapshot to disk or postcard. (Upload snapshot works fine.)
    • Text copy & paste.
    • Audio.
    • Streaming media playback.

    The man behind the port is apparently none other than Ryan C. Gordon a.k.a. Icculus a.k.a Icculus Linden, cross-platform porter extraordinaire. Last I heard of his ongoing SL work, he was working on switching out the FMod sound engine for OpenAL, which will eventually lead to audio playback for Residents running the Linux client alpha, as well as saving Linden Lab a bit of cash on library licensing fees.

    That’s great, but as a builder, designer, graphic artist and scripter, I would flag image uploads/downloads and text copy/paste as highest-priority items. But until we get them, there’s always WINE to tide us over.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 9:42 pm

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  • Erbo Evans Says:

    I can’t even use the Linux client because my video drivers for X aren’t up to snuff…the Radeon accelerated driver seems to lock X hard, requiring a reset to regain control of the system. The VESA drivers work, but they’re so slow I can see screen repaints even on a 2D desktop…

    Oh well, that’s what dual-boot is for. :-)