• 17Aug

    When it comes to flexible prims, size does matter. A small prim just won’t bend as much as a larger prim with the same flex settings. So if you want your lop-eared pet rabbit’s ears to lop just the right way, you may have to scale him up to 5 meters on a side!

    If I ruled the Grid, flex would be independent of size. Depending on how Linden Lab has implemented flexible paths, this would likely involve subdividing the path into the same number of parts when it is big as when it is small—that is, a number of subdivisions per path, not per meter of the path’s length.

    Since flexible prims have already been implemented, and that change would “break” a huge number of existing objects (not to mention cause plenty of embarrassment for flexi-skirt users who go without the luxury of “glitch pants”), Linden Lab could instead add a new attribute to control the scale used for subdividing the path. The default setting would be equivalent to the current scale, so that existing flexible prims would not behave differently.

    Posted by Jacek Antonelli @ 4:28 am

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